Metalized ceramics

We understand the stringent quality requirements of the Metallized ceramics used in vacuum interrupters and other electrical, electronic devices. We provide state-of-the-art Metallized ceramic components for all your Metallized ceramics requirements. Our High Alumina Metallized ceramic components provide excellent hermetic sealing and high mechanical strength.


Metallized Ceramics for vacuum interrupters
Metallized Ceramics for electrical and electronic devices
Metallized ceramic brazed components


Feed-through insulators, Headers, High-power receptacles,  Insulating discs, Insulator rings and cylinders, Precipitator  products, Power switches, Traveling wave tubes, Vacuum   interrupters,

Windows, Power grid tubes, X-ray tubes Joining

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Metalized ceramics Metalized ceramics

Metalized ceramicss Metalized ceramics

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