product trends for High-performance ceramic bearings

Require insulation in high-speed, high temperature, high temperature, low temperature, vacuum, not magnetic, poor working environment, high-performance ceramic bearings is best way to replace the currently used steel bearings, this kind advance ceramic which can be made by alumina,zirconia  will adapt to wide speed range, high speed, small heatstable performance, long life, corrosion resistance, are not afraid of pollution, abrasion resistance, resistance to instantaneous short of oil lubrication ability and high reliability, excellent performance indicators and broad development prospects.

Converted to civilian technology can be widely used in products for civilian use high-speed machine tools, cryogenic engineering, high-speed motor, chemical industry, properly developed, field of use can be completely covered by the current precision, all-steel bearings for all applications above medium speed, performance price than the far better than all-steel bearings, and bearing life expectancy has increased by more than three times the life than now used to save a lot of downtime, reduce waste, reduce inventory bearing spare parts; In addition, due to high technical content, it is impossible to counterfeit, investment The risk is small.

Ultra-precision ceramic ball can be used in high-performance bearings, high-performance ball valve; ceramic bearings for high-speed machinery, light industrial, instrumentation, automotive, and aerospace and other fields.

In addition, the automotive industry is one of the potential applications of ceramic bearings are used in huge; ceramic bearing for military and aerospace currently are developing,but the price is high and the technical difficulties is big, the amount for using is medium.

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