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Thermal Resistant Ceramic

ceramic nozzle

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Alumina Ceramic Nozzle for TIG welding and sand blast.all international standard welding and shot blasting nozzles, such as 10N, 13N, 53N, 54N and 57N series.

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ceramic pad heater

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flexible ceramic pad heaters are designed for most preheat and post heat treatment (stress relieving) requirements on weld joined materials. They can be used to construct a simple, inexpensive furnace when combined with the proper insulation as well as in many other applications where a flexible heater is required.

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ceramic ferrule for stud welding

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ceramic ferrule for stud welding, Shear Stud Connector,Arc Studs,ceramic ferrule,ceramic protective ring,ceramic guard ring,Arc Stud Welding,CD stud welding,stud welding,Stud fastener,stud welding fasteners,stud welding shear

The steel structure column head jointing nails and ceramic protective or ceramic ferrule for stud welding is formulated with cordierite.and by molding,vinegar,calcining,etc.The specification is as follows:Φ6、Φ8、Φ10、Φ13、Φ16、Φ19、Φ22 ordinary and penetrable etc.Ceramic ferrule for stud welding is widely used for magnetic force floating railway engineer,building bridge,building railway,large power plant,plane depot that needs wide span.

Please click the below link for ceramic ferrule detailed size

drawing of ceramic ferrule for stud welding(PDF FILE)

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