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Wear Resistant Ceramics

Alumina Ceramic Liner with Rubber

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Ceramic-Rubber compound lining plate is compounded by high alumina ceramics and excellent natural rubber through special process. The excellent damping performance of natural rubber greatly lowers the noise generated in the transportation, which fully settled a series of issues such as impact, abrasion and noise.

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alumina ceramic lining tile

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Alumina Ceramic Tile is of high wear resistance, acid and alkli resistance, effectively prolong the service life of equipment and considered to be the best choice of anti-wearing and anti-corrosion material; Wear resistance of ceramic is 266 times than that of special manganese, 171.5 times to high chrome cast iron; Hardness is much higher than that of wear-resistant steel and stainless steel.

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Alumina Lining Bricks

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alumina ceramic ball

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Character of Alumina ceramic Ball(ROLLING)

The strength of alumina ball by rolling is about 10% less than that by CIP method.

It has higer cost performance than CIP.

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