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silicon carbide ceramic for heat exchangers and so on

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Grinding disk
Grinding disk made by silicon carbide ceramic is the semiconductor industry, ultra-large-scale integrated circuits with the production of silicon wafers with an important process equipment, usually used in cast iron or carbon steel grinding disk life short thermal expansion coefficient is large, in the processing of silicon wafers in the process, especially in the high-speed grinding or polishing, due to the abrasion of the grinding disk and thermal deformation of the grinding disk, so that the silicon wafers of ceramic grinding disk due to the hardness of the high and the wear and tear of the small and the thermal expansion and parallelism is difficult to ensure. Adoption of silicon carbide grinding and polishing. In recent years, the size of the silicon wafer is getting bigger and bigger. Coefficients and silicon wafers are basically the same, and thus can be high-speed research ceramic grinding disk will make the silicon wafer grinding quality and efficiency, the quality of silicon wafers and efficiency put forward higher requirements, the use of sic to improve the Japanese Kyocera and Toshiba Ceramics, as well as the United States of America, Carborundum (Carborundum) company manufactured by the SiC ceramic porcelain grinding discs, has been applied to the semiconductor industry.

High-temperature heat exchangers
In many cases, such as in metal and glass kilns, calcining furnaces and coal furnaces, the release of gas is not only high temperature and corrosive, which requires heat exchangers at the same time with high temperature, corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance, can withstand large thermal stress. Another performance requirement for heat exchanger material is high thermal conductivity, in order to maximize the heat transfer rate and heat exchanger efficiency is optimal. sic has a high thermal conductivity, excellent ability to withstand high temperatures and corrosion resistance as well as good resistance to thermal shock, and therefore for a long time has been the most important material for industrial heat exchangers. For example, zirconium remelting furnace can save 38% fuel after adopting SiC heat exchanger.

Heat engine components
silicon carbide ceramic outstanding high-temperature strength and excellent resistance to high-temperature creep and thermal shock resistance, making it a rocket, aircraft, automobile engines and gas turbines in the heat engine parts of the main materials -. For example, General Motors developed AGT100 automotive ceramic gas turbine using SiC ceramics as combustion chamber ring, combustion chamber simplified body guide vane and turbine rotor and other high temperature parts. These siC components are mainly prepared by reaction sintering, pressureless sintering or hot press sintering. Due to the poor toughness of SiC ceramics, so in the engine or gas turbine is mainly used as a static heat engine components.

High temperature kiln furniture
Recrystallized sic and solid-phase atmospheric pressure sintered silicon carbide ceramic, are excellent high-temperature kiln materials, can be used as a high-temperature beams, rods, sheds, with the body, etc., saint-gobain company used pressureless sintered SiC ceramics to make high-temperature kiln beams, with a self-combined, fine grain (<10 um) microstructure characteristics of the high-temperature strength and oxidation resistance is very excellent.