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Silicon carbide industry is facing industrial upgrading pressure

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All traditional industries are facing the pressure of industrial upgrading, because traditional industries need to face the pressure of two aspects, namely, emission and energy consumption. With the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon personally boarding the Arctic ice cap melting extremely fast and sending the world a warning that the global environment is facing catastrophic deterioration, a new round of international agreements on carbon emissions and the revision of the “Kyoto Protocol”, the expansion of the responsibility and depth of the scope of the international community is being actively discussed. Low-carbon economy has become a hot spot and attracts much attention.

At present, the smelting of silicon carbide is under the pressure of high unit consumption and high emissions of sulfur dioxide and COD. So it has been regarded as “high pollution, high energy consumption” industry, and was listed as a restricted industry in the “Industrial Structure Adjustment Catalog” of the National Development and Reform Commission to be restricted. The rapid development of the world’s industrial and solar energy economic boom, there is a deeper dependence on the silicon carbide ceramic industry, produce a positive market pull, silicon carbide as the “teeth of the industry”, the total economic development of the “rainbow”, the former rapid development of the important guarantee force. Important guarantee force. But limited to the pressure of energy consumption and environmental protection, the development of the industry has been greatly restricted. This is the main contradiction in the development of the industry.